A break and serious consideration about IFRE

My thoughts have been spinning during the day and I feel more and more reluctant to travel with IFRE next year. I have already paid but perhaps I can get a refund. I will try to find an orphanage on my own. Perhaps someone can help me? I just don’t like the way my questions, thoughts and some arguments have been approached. I have only tried to have a constructive and decent discussion about eventual changes.

They just posted an update on their website about how you as a volunteer cannot expect to change the world or think that you can change something that cannot be changed. One should “enjoy the spur of the moment of volunteering”. Perhaps I am very naive, maybe I am just very annoying but it is very difficult for me to digest such a post by a non-profit organisation. We should not have dreamy illusions of being able to change the world with a little volunteer work, but the organisations don’t even know any of our backgrounds and if nobody “cares” and only “enjoys the spur of the moment”..well, then it feels a little hopeless all of the sudden. I am not saying it is wrong to be in the moment and enjoy it and see what you are contributing to but I believe that we can make a bigger difference together. No, I don’t have any experience in running a non-profit organisation as IFRE and I certainly don’t think or expect that I can change the world with 3 months work in Nepal (for example). But I certainly believe certain changes can be made with some effort from different instances and management levels.

From their website:

3.       What do I want to accomplish as a volunteer?

This is the most critical question that you have to deal with accordingly, before giving a go to your volunteering abroad plan. Most volunteer aspirants dream big of volunteering and changing the world. Actually, expecting for some big changes or outcome on your volunteering abroad is a big no-no, especially if you only opt for the short-term period type of volunteering. You must expect less on your volunteering abroad endeavor, but stay focused on your sole purpose of giving back what is valuable to the community you are planning to volunteer. Just enjoy the spur of the moment of your volunteering and don’t expect too big like changing what is impossible to change.