A new friend..

The other day while walking up to the Monastery we met a sweet lady along the way. She spoke Nepali with us for about 40 minutes though she knew we understood about 5% of everything she said. At last, Lisa started speaking Swedish with her – and they understood each other! Apparently, we were like sisters (Lisa and she) and she and I had the same, long, dark hair.

She lives on the way to the Monastery so she invited us in to her home. We did not want to seem rude so we accepted. For a moment it sounded as if she had chickens in a box. We followed the sound and found – a wooden box with hens in it!  Our new friend/sister explained to us she was careful since the dogs in the neighborhood recently had eaten (?) her hens.

She treated us with apples, followed us to the bottom of the next hill and waved her good byes. So sweet, our new friend, Chai Li.