A visit to California

Atenas is such a lovely little place in Alajuela, Costa Rica with its mountains, people and atmosphere – I like it. And I will sure miss it after I leave. Caldera, where I have spent almost every weekend, beautiful place – this I will also miss very much. Today, I have spent my day in Mexico City – a “little” city with a population of 26 million people. Need I say that I felt out of place with my flip-flops and “beach clothing”? I grew up in a city (Stockholm) and have always loved cities. There is nothing wrong with them, I just feel very different when I am in one nowadays. Everything is so big, so strict, so organised, so well-dressed, so expensive, so loud and well – so..business. I will most certainly return to Mexico and explore other parts of the country: Many projects can be found here…will start looking in to that and my friend here can probably help me. I found this photo from my most recent art class where I chose crayons to work with. I wanted the children to picture themselves in the future – draw themselves. Then, draw themselves as they see themselves today. They all started off to draw a person who is very important to them in their lives. Most of the children felt “pressure” and wanted to create “perfect” art – they were not satisfied with what they accomplished on paper. to me – art is free. Art is a way of expression and when you work with emotions, there is no ugly, bad, good, not good enough. I understand, of course, one can learn how to sketch, how to draw portraits. But on a free hand – it needs to be freely expressed as I am looking for other things to be expressed on paper and not the actual method. Anyway, next time – my plan is for them to make a wheel of emotions where they should try and express certain emotions with certain colors. Hope they will find that assignment less stressful. I will look for sand paper and ask them to use crayons again to make this piece of art. This class is planned for next week, will take some photos to post.

Time to board my flight to San Fransisco now, I need to spend the weekend in California and will tell you why a bit later.