”Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world…”

Do you recognise the quote in the blog title? It was Nelson Mandela who believed it to be this way and so do I.

Many people think a lot of things and many of us want to do good things but as a good friend often said to me; intention is nothing – action is everything. But then again, action without the right underlying intentions – do they not just fall through, meaning that the true energy of the outcome it results in will not have the same effect?  Maybe so, I am not sure yet –  what do you feel? I mean, a person can carry out a good deed – with an intention, right? And yes, the intention might be for a good outcome; however, what if the initial, genuine motivation behind it was or is not completely selfless? Then again, is it a process, a path to potential self-recognition or simply better than nothing?

We can talk about missions, visions, goals and values – but one without the other will not go very far. It all has to come together. My few travels over the past soon to be 8 months has taken me to parts in Nepal, places in Costa Rica and now brought me to Colombia. I was planning on continuing my journey back to Nepal this fall and then to Africa, Ghana and Uganda. Travelling the way I am is serving its purpose and by helping the way I can I have also come to realise what else I need and want in order to get to the place where I can do more for children. So my plans for this fall have changed.  I have decided to commit 3 years of my life to school, to educate myself more. Of course, I could continue traveling and work with children – teach them English, some expression through art and even some life skills – but remembering the bigger picture, I want and need to accumulate more knowledge to be able to give more in the way I am thinking.

The University of San Diego in California is known as a school with international focus in order to prepare human services professionals who best serve the needs of diverse communities around the world. They also have core values that are aligned with my own in regard to change-making. I will therefore be attending their Clinical Mental and Health Counseling program so that I will be able to continue with the work I do and hopefully, be able to help children even more. And it is not only about the children, it is about their families, communities, the world in itself – this also all comes together. But I believe in children – imagine if a parent can see change in their child(ren) or feel a different wholeness and energy from their child(ren) – perhaps, and just maybe there is a little chance for the parent to be inspired to make a change as well and maybe be able to start thinking, wanting to break certain destructive habits and in the end actually try to do it.

You know, every now and then, I stop to step away from everything I am doing and also wanting to do. I do it to remind myself and to see that I am doing everything for the right reasons. And every once in a while, as I have written before, I feel so helplessly insufficient and I wonder if that feeling will ever dissipate over time. But as long as my feeling of mission, vision, goals and actions are aligned I know that I am following my heart.

I would like to remind you with what I want with my blog. I want to share, to inspire – hoping that you and someone else would spend those few moments of your and their busy lives to remember what it is that is important to you and all of us and how we can help each other. So please take a few minutes to think about it – how do you think, what do you want and how can you help make our world to a better place? There are so many ways.


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray” – Rumi