Costa Rica

As I flew in over the airport of San José, Costa Rica the other day – an immense feeling of knowing that this is the right place for me to be overwhelmed me. It is quite remarkable to be able to feel how I have been led right – as I will be spending most of my time here this year.

I will be living in a small town about 1 hour from San José known as Atenas. There are several American Expats here though I will probably be forced to learn Spanish fast enough since not many others speak English here. Good thing! I feel like such a tourist when I try to speak Spanish, but I am doing Ok! Atenas has no street names and everything is described with landmarks, very charming but forget about trustworthy postage :)

I hopped on a 5 minute bus ride yesterday to visit the children’s home I will be involved working with.

I met with Cherie who is originally from the US who started this project. Her home houses 6 children at the moment who are siblings from 2 families and who will be in her caring until they are 18 years old. They are today 5-12 years old. I was so touched when she shared her story, journey and also to hear about the previous lives of the children. It was a lot to take in but I am very happy to be here. I will start work on January 20th, one week earlier than I had planned and I will be teaching art, English and mathematics. The children are very artistic and they are eager to have art class!

I was also lucky to have the opportunity to meet with Reem who is a student in Boston but originally from Saudi Arabia – we managed to share a lot of thoughts and wonders of life before we said bye – but knowing that I had found a new friend with a mutual understanding.

The biggest challenge has already started – they need to find a new home! The house they are renting was supposed to allow them to live there for another 2 years. The owner of the house has unfortunately decided to “kick” them out by April this year. Slightly stressed and devastated, a new home that fulfills all certain criteria must be found. I will try and help in every best way I can.