Day of activities

It has been a while since I last updated anything here. I apologise for this, I have been slightly busy with work, studies and plans.

There has been a lot of activities going on for the children for the past two weeks. This means that I have not been able to have as many classes. On the other hand it has given me beautiful moments to spend with the the children in a different way.

Last Thursday, there was an event for disabled people in an area around Casa Maren in Barrio Manrique. It was a lovely event and it was important for us to be there with the children so they can understand that even if they “look different” we are all the same worth.  The kids (and everyone) were having a lovely time and I felt awfully proud seeing how they interacted with everyone with an open heart. Poder Joven had made som accessories to sell in order to raise a little bit of money. They wanted me to sit and draw things/people and sell the drawings. This was not really possible but I did go over to the artstation at the event and made one small piece of art. Not sure if it got sold but it was mostly symbolic :)

I have tried to focus on my TESOL, Spanish and Nepal since I have not been needing to spend time on making lessonplans. My attempts in studying Spanish are suffering severly and I am trying my best to get “it together” in Nepal but things are changing all the time over there and with the great time difference and lack of internet connection (for counterparts in Nepal) it does tend to get challenging…On a different note, I got my passport back with my US Visa and I signed up for my classes this fall, yaay!

I have started making notes for something regarding volunteerorganisations and I am wanting to get in touch with people as I am getting closer to knowing where I would like to build a school and home in the future. I have also not yet given up on IFRE, the volunteerorganisationwhich I chose to travel and work with to Nepal and Costa Rica. I started a discussion with the Director of IFRE and asked questions about if they have any insight on where the money paid by vounteers goes to and if it is actually used “correctly” by the projects. I did not expect wonderful answers since I have already understood how it works, kind of but I was more disappointed than satisfied when the reply I got was: “This is the REAL world – it is impossible for us to be involved in that as we have thousands of projects in 22 countries with even more volunteers. I understand that this might not be the answer you were expecting but once again, this is the REAL world”. What, really? Seriously – and do not get me wrong, I will consider this for a while but my initial gutfeeling and reaction is –WHAAAAT?! Come on, if you have a volunteer organisation where you get people from all over the world to share love and skills in different projects – that is GREAT, right? But, the volunteers also pay A LOT of money with the promise that some of the money is donated to the project in which they are committed to. Does not a little, and just a liiittle of the “purpose” disappear if the organisation in itself seems to be more focused on expanding rather than make sure that the projects already involved are actually using it righteously. Maybe not? Perhaps it is simply a great idea to continue donating money in“silent blindness”? Are my thoughts wrong? What do you think and feel? Please write to me at and disscuss with me/or just tell me your thoughts.

I will gather all comments/thoughts/discussions and give away a printed canvas of Golden Girl 50x40cm, worth 3.900SEK (worth 550USD). This means that I cannot donate 25% to a project or save for funds for my future plans to build a schol and home BUT I would love to hear your feedback!

My question is:

Is it better than nothing to have thousands of projects with thousands of volunteers (and with no requirements, meaning that the organisation does not really know the volunteers) as the volunteers will be given the privilage to share some love and skills with children, animals or families even if so for a very brief moment? (My answer is YES to this) However, when looking at the bigger picture — what is the vision and mission and goal with it all if no body “cares” to see if the money given and paid by thousands and thousands of volunteers do not actually get used as they “should” in assigned projects?

Please note I am not only referring to IFRE.