Forming a charity

I sent in my first draft in September last year. It is now 6 months later that I am handing in my second draft. I knew that it was going to take time, that it is no “monkey-business”, that it has to be well thought through…but oh boy, time flies.

This is a draft of bylaws and articles of incorporation in my application to start a foundation in my name. There are different kinds and I am thinking about the kind in which I initially need and will make a private donation to start off with. Further, I and/or the members of the board can raise money to the fund by committing a certain percentage from any revenue my future business will emit. The percentage is set – and why not all of it you may ask? Because some money needs to be left in the corporations in order to expand and grow so that the foundation can grow as well. Big thoughts, big plans.. time to set the seeds.