Living in the Mountains

By foot. That is how we get around here. There are no roads, besides natures natural pathways. There are no transportations apart from yaks, mules, horses or people transporting goods, things. Own labor to get potatoes, heat our own water for bucket showers. VEry few vegetables that grow in certain gardens, make our own flour, not to mention own “booze”.

We do not use any make-up, and we brush our teet in the dark, in the yard. The other night, in the rain. Prior to our arrival, there was much focus on the elevation, hiking, and of course, the actual work we would be doing. No thoughts have been dedicated to explore the area. However, with the Dashain Holiday approaching and an extended time of free time for the monks and boys at the Monastery, we have decided to go to the Everest Base Camp!

I mean, it is basically around the corner from where we live, so… why not? It is after all the highest mountain in the WORLD. We will leave on Saturday and it is estimated to take us 7-10 days to get up there, and then 2 days to get back.  We hope we will be well at 17.600ft (5.364 meter).

We are preparing ourselves with peanutbutter, water, and a warm hat. I might add a walking stick. Wish us luck.