Locked phone

Fascination for anything electronical here is a fact.

The children do love us and they always want to borrow our cellphones – I tend to think that we are the popular ones but I am also understanding I might need to realise that the phones and cameras are slightly more lovable during breaks.  Mine is quite boring though as I have no games, however, they do love to use the camera and eternalise themselves, the dogs at the Monastery, the mountain peaks, posters, or anything that crosses their way actually. I always let them use my phone without hesitation so I was surprised the other day when I was leaving when I noticed that my phone had been disabled (too many passcode attempts).

So…I needed i-tunes and good internet to get it activated. Hurried off to the speedy-gonzales-internet-place (our third home in Nepal) and I realise that it is not working. I need to update i-tunes and wonder if it could possibly take a bit more than 5 hours? Um, well. Almost. The download went from 31 to 1088 hours…Need I say more? No working phone for Ms Jenny until she is back home in Stockholm for 3 days in December.