Not only English Class

When it is sunny outside we try to have class outdoors. Yesterday was a nice day so we sat outside and after lunch we decided to let the children stay outside and play. We had some activities and Alex who is staying here for 2 weeks was teaching the boys “butterfly kicks” and the boys are quite athletic making some nice butterfly moves. Since my knee has been hurting for a week I could not show off with my “butterfly kicks” (And yes, the injured knee is the only reason for me not showing off..) Fear not Ms Jenny – the boys asked me to get down and do push ups (why!) but luckily I could make them happy since I could do more than 1. Next challenge: somebody should sit on me whilst doing push ups. I chose little Pemba since he is so petit and I figured he would’nt weigh that much. Right. I managed to do – none and ended up biting the dust instead :).Daal Bhat is our regular lunch served at the Monastery. We have had this meal 6 days a week ever since we got here and the meal consists of potato and curry, rice and lentil soup. Though, the other day we were intrigued by the rumour claiming we would NOT have rice for lunch but something else. What could it be!? Well, it was like, grey playdough. It was good with butter melted on top of it but it was difficult to eat it with our hands.

Apart from that it is starting to get very cold here, especially during evenings and nights. It is approximately 2 degrees (celsius) in my little wooden room at nighttime.

Other things that have happened or not happened: Discussions with IFRE has reached a dead end for now since they refuse to reply my emails, discussions with RCDP regarding the new volunteer position is ongoing but seeing that the practical details may not pass as I have suggested I might not do it; but we will see, still awaiting some more information regarding my application to start a foundation from the county administrations board in Stockholm and I have started to prepare myself both mentally and emotionally to leave Nepal in less than a month. I cannot believe it is almost December already.