Teaching and Learning

Work in Costa Rica has begun!

My second day at the children’s home today started with a 30-minute walk and by 8 AM I had arrived. The children were still eating breakfast… Today I wanted to become clear on what levels they are on in English and mathematics so there were one-on-one classes all day.

Their level of knowledge in the two different subjects differ quite a bit. They were assigned some homework for tomorrow – there were some complaints during class but upon leaving, they all seemed quite stoked about needing to practice what they had learnt today to be tested tomorrow.

And as they were learning the alphabet, new words and how to spell  РI was learning a lot of Spanish since I needed to explain certain things. In just a few hours I think I learnt at least 30 new words Рamarillo, rosado, rojo, cocina, chaqueta, pronto finito, vertes, le rayon x, decir, escuchar, hielo, la rana, la reina, despacio, pronto, perro, pero, cansado etc. Yaay!!

On a different note – some great news – a new house is possibly available for Cherie and the children to move to. Unfortunately the rent is 500USD more than the current one which causes a bit of an issue. Discussions are being held in this writing moment and hopefully the families owning the house can agree upon offering a lower rent.