To Learn, Give, and to Receive

As I finished my last lesson for the day, I started thinking about each individual class I had taught during that day. At times, I do feel it is difficult and how to know which approach would be the “right” one. Every day is different from the other and I want to give it time but patience, caring and boundaries are important. I was thinking about what the children and I perceive, learn and also what we give each other every day. Depending on how we perceive – emotions and thoughts will be different. It can be about simple things such as learning a new word or to more philosophical manners as realizing a life lesson, even though sometimes this may be in hindsight. As a child one will probably not realize the path of life lessons and I wish I could teach them, share with them so much and I start thinking about how and what I want to teach them or at least be perceived as – so that they can and will learn so much more than English, math and arts.

Everything happens for a reason.
I realize and believe how every person we meet in our lives are meant for a reason. Do you believe this as well?

See yourself through the eyes of another. I see how we are mirrors to each other – what we love about others is what we love about ourselves, what upsets us about others is about something we need to take a closer look at within ourselves.

Stay true to yourself and it will help you find your happiness within yourself and stay strong on your path to chase your dreams with faith. In any moments of fear or doubt, listen to the whisper of your heart and know that it will lead you right. Peel off those layers of what everybody ever told you what you should have, could have, must and not have or ever do, be authentic – go and be you.

It is now. Always laugh from your heart knowing that the present moment is what matters the most right now and is our greatest gift. Now is when we live fully – do not linger in the past, do dream about tomorrow but do not run ahead of time. Smile, take chances and have fun.

Being fearless or brave? Be brave and not fearless because you need to feel it all to know it and remember that all experiences help us grow. Painful events that create deep wounds within us may haunt us and dictate our lives, holding us back and being in the way of our happiness for years if not for as long as we live – be brave, shine a light on it, feel the pain – and get rid of it.

Practise daily gratitude, share and be generous. At the end of the day there are so many things to learn, practice and to learn again but it always, always comes back to one thing – love. Be love and take care of yourself and do not forget to let those who you love know it often and enthusiastically – you can never show or say it too much. It is a gift.

Remember to know your boundaries, say YES to things that light up your fire and NO to anything or anyone who rings wrong in your field of energy yet remember to share and give of your talent and love freely. Do not take anything personally or start making assumptions – we are not the center of the universe. Also, do have big dreams but remember to flow as life comes at you as well.

Beauty. Open your eyes to the beauty of everything and everyone around you. I know, it is not all pink clouds and an amazingly “perfect” world – but as I was bleeding over with an energy of being “helpless” and “insufficient” the other day thinking I could not help all the children and people in the world – I regained focus and remembered – we can only do our best and chase our dreams with as much passion and strong will and not merely focus on the destination. Know that with intention, focus and persistence – anything is possible, especially in achieving great things along the way.

There is much that is important to feel, learn and live. Knowing that by living and being just a little of all of the abovementioned and sharing it, will give so much. I want to clarify that I speak not of “expressing” these things literally in the attempt to teach or share but I think you understand what I mean.

I do speak a lot of love and one of the reasons is because I believe in that love is healing. When the children look at me with their innocence or just giving me a hug – I receive healing. The children – Emanuel, Naydelin, Esmeralda, Natalia, Priscila and Jacsel have been through a lot and I literally hurt when I see them sometimes, knowing the pain or wounds they must have.
I am here to teach, to hopefully help them learn English, mathematics and how to express themselves through creativity with colors and papers and I cannot make any wounds they have to go away but I can certainly share, love and hope that by how they perceive, what they feel and from how they learn – that they can receive a little healing from that.

Reminder: I cannot post any photos of the children while I am in Costa Rica due to child protection services and so.

Thank you for your understanding.