Trekker’s Fuel

Internet has been absent for a few days. We are still quite lucky; before we came to Ghat, there was no internet within a 2 hour  hike. Now, we find internet in Phakding, which is on the way from the Monastery. We do not always have so much time, approximately 1 hour after work.

Friday morning last week: we left our small “wooden boxes” 4.30 am so we could make it in time to the morning chanting at the Monastery. We arrived on time, were frantically frozen from the accelerated body work while hiking uphill, to then sit in a completely unheated room while your clothes are slowly trying to dry from the hike. The chanting in itself was interesting and beautiful. I do wish I understood more of it.

Sitting in a Lotus position for 2 hours definitely got me stiff. When I stood up to say thank you, my legs partially collapsed – the kids found it amusing at least :)

Trekking about 3 hours per day while eating solely bread, rice, pasta without any fat, protein or sugar is…making us lose weight. Our bodies are craving fat, so peanutbutter is a delicacy here. We are dreaming about fruit and vegetables!

The kids were superexcited last Friday and wanted to show me a dead cow a bit farther up in the forest. Not so pleasant We were informed of snow leopards and bears by nightfall. Comforting to know as we walk home in the dark nowadays. Atleast we always walk in pairs. That should do it.