Volunteer Organisations and Foundations

At last, I received a reply from the manager of the IFRE organisation.

In his email he states that it is difficult to set any requirements on limiting anything or anyone in someone else’s culture and or religion. That they had to work very hard to allow women to volunteer there again and that I should keep this in mind.

I reply by apologising if I was unclear in my email and that I have no intention in limiting anything or anyone in someone else’s culture. I would like IFRE to discuss or at least consider to make out new requirements for future volunteers. I also do not understand how that would jeopardize female volunteers to come and work in the future.

I try to remember that I initially did choose to travel to a project through a volunteer organisation in order to see and learn more so that I hopefully in the near future can find projects on my own. With that said, it still doesn’t feel good at all to have paid a lot of money to IFRE for my next years project in Costa Rica. Though I will be doing an “internship” at the orphanage, I will probably have the opportunity to see and learn more. So we will see.

Further, I am applying for a Jenny Li Foundation via a contactperson in Sweden. Unfortuately, he has not replied my previous 4 emails which means my application is stuck for now. I need to get someone to contact him for me in Sweden.